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Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Pack

Draft Boosters are the classic Magic booster—15 cards from the set designed for a balanced Draft experience plus an ad card or token. These boosters are the backbone of Magic and are key to building a balanced deck in Sealed formats like Draft or Prerelease.

Discover a new kind of double-faced card. Zendikar Rising introduces a special kind of card to MTG: play the spell on one side or flip it over and play it as a land instead.

Explore the new mechanic 'Party.' Assemble a party from four adventuring classes (Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard) and become stronger together with rewards for each class joining you on the battlefield.

Rediscover 'Landfall' and 'Kicker,' two of Magic's most popular mechanics. Landfall rewards you for playing land cards, and Kicker makes spells more powerful--provided you have enough mana.

Each draft booster pack contains 15 Zendikar Rising cards optimized for Draft

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